Tuesday, January 15, 2013


9 boards and 63 pins. And none have been completed or attempted. Until recently. I have a little more time on my hands now that I'm a SAHM. With the extra time on my hands and a new house to make home, I decided to stop pinning and start doing. Here are a few of my pins that have came to life in the last week.

Search for Monogram Door Decor and you will find more ideas that you know what to do with. I read through a few different ideas and went with my own idea.

I got a simple wooden C from Hobby Lobby, spray painted it red, attached the 2 hair clips (found in the clearance section at the Hob) with super glue and attached some black ribbon to the back with super glue. Super easy, super quick and designed for the first time crafter!

Once a month, I add subway art to a bookshelf in our family room. I usually find something cute like a figurine to add next to it from Hobby Lobby. This time, I decided to copy this pin:

Again, I changed the project a bit to suite my needs. I had 3 globes, 2 with trees and one filled with snow.

My last project was the easiest one I tackled, hands down!! I keep every card I am given. I am sentimental that way. I like going back through the cards and reading them from birthdays, holidays and special moments. Our master bathroom has a tub with a ledge that needed to be decorated. It was so boring. I took some of my cards and framed them. The colors/theme of our bathroom is love and red/pink/black. Here is what I came up with:

For more details on the pins listed, visit my Pinterest site. Happy Pinning!

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