Monday, January 7, 2013

Our first ER visit

Having a baby and being first time parents bring a lot of unknown and uncertainty to your life. Ours is no exception.

Connor was born and has been a very healthy baby. He eats well, sleeps well and is growing perfectly. He does have some problems with acid reflux but that is control with medication.

Last week, starting on Thursday, I notice that Connor had some loose poos. I didn't think much of it until Friday when there was a bit of blood in his diaper. In my opinion, blood is never good so I called James and had him find us a pediatrician, ASAP. Lucky for us, one of his employees recommended someone they take their little girl to and we were able to get Connor in to the dr. Friday afternoon. I was worried that we were going to be told something was wrong with the Litte Mister. It's not every day that blood is found in his diapers. I am also guilty of being the overly worrisome parent (or just person).

The dr. checked Connor out and said she believed the blood was coming from his behind, not from inside him. I doubted this diagnosis but listened, as we all know, I'm not doctor. Connor was given prescription grade diaper rash ornament and we were sent home. We were told if we noticed more blood or if Connor had a temperature, to take him to Urgent Care.

Saturday morning, Connor had a couple diapers that had some blood but no more than before so we just continued with the medicated ointment and per directions from the pharmacist, we let him hang out without a diaper, allowing his bottom to dry and get some fresh air.

Saturday night, Mom was changing Connor, letting him chill with his family jewells out and proud, when he pooped a little on his blanket. This poo had more blood than we had since previously and my Mom (a nurse) suggested we take him to get checked out. The Urgent Care doesn't take patients under 4 months so off to the ER we went.

After speaking with 2 nurses and the doctor, we were again told that this is normal for babies with diarrhea. That the blood we were seeing was nothing to be worried about. As much as I wanted to trust these medical professionals, it bothered me that they seemed to think this was normal. Bloody poop is not normal! We left the ER with a happy baby. I can't believe how happy he was, nasty diaper rash and all.

Sunday morning, his bottom was looking a bit better although he still had the diarrhea. Today is more of the same. At the ER, they did take a sample and is having it tested to see if there is anything to be concerned with.

As we were leaving the ER, James said we were just another case of overactive parents; that now 2 medical professionals had said it was nothing to be considered with. As much as he is right, it is still worrisome when something happens to your little boy and you can't fix it or make it stop.

Here is to happy Connor's booty starts to heal up and the dirty poos disappear soon! And that we don't have to visit the ER any time again soon.

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  1. Yikes! Sorry baby Connor is having to deal with this :( Hope he is well really soon! It's hard to know all the right things to do...we just want to do everything right for those babies!


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