Monday, January 21, 2013

My Days with Connor

My new "job" as a SAHM, my days are a mixture of need to dos and want to dos. I need to clean house, run to the grocery, do laundry, pay bills, take care of the dogs and so forth and so on. I want to spend time with Connor. Playing with his toys, singing songs, "watching" TV, cuddling before/during nap time and most importantly, watching Little Mister grow.

I try very hard to document my days with him. I want to share with Daddy and family and friends the things we do. I share a lot on Instagram (1sassycox) but there are some photos I snap that are meant for just this blog. Ones that mean more than others and ones that completely crack me up.

Here are a few photos of what happens during my "work" day...

We talk with Monkey

We show off our double chin.

We spend evenings chattin' with Daddy.

We give Mom the "I've had enough" look.

We do our best ducky lips.

We get up close and personal with Sophie.

We "watch" Barney.

We help Mommy blog.


  1. I love the first photo. He is just cute!

  2. He is such a little doll! His expressions are awesome!

  3. I love my Boo! My favorite is the "I've had enough" look! He is so handsome! Man oh man is he looking more like his daddy!


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