Monday, January 7, 2013

Life in The Rock - Week 1

We did it! We moved 19 hours from home to Round Rock, Texas. I still can't believe we did it. Our first week went pretty smooth considering the huge change we just made. Here are some of the highlights from our trip down and our first week:

  • We moved our stuff into the moving truck during a blizzard. In 24 hours, we had 9 inches of snow.
  • Connor did amazing on the flight, but only after he throw up on me in Dayton. I then had the privilege of flying from Dayton to Austin with throw up on me. Thanks baby!
  • My luggage was lost for the first time by an airline. And what great timing! Considering our movers didn't make it until Sunday.
  • The majority of our first week was spent taking a empty house, twice the size of our previous residence, and making it our home.
  • Mom, Connor and I checked our the outlet malls that are 3 minutes from our home - lucky me, right? We also spent some time (and too much money) at our local Super Target. Between the outlets and Target, I'll have plenty of shopping options. 
  • We visited Lake Travis.
  • We spent our first NFL playoff season rooting on our Bengals in the home team's backyard. Too bad we lost to the Texans! 

All in all, our first week went pretty smoothly. I'm so happy Mom got to spend the week with us. This week, I'm hoping to get a little more comfortable in our new city


  1. oh no! Poor Connor!

    Glad the move went well. I learned early on to always take an extra shirt for myself on the plane wile flying with babies. I once was peed on.

  2. I'm glad the move went smoothly for y'all! You should add IKEA to your shopping list in RR ;) Especially since you have some empty rooms to fill!


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