Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Branching Out

I had mention before that moving to to Texas was something that scared me, something that was totally out of my comfort zone. I've been here a month and am slowly getting into a routine.

One thing I plan to start working on this week is getting out and meeting people. More importantly than meeting people, I really need to get myself and Connor out of the house. Somewhere other than the grocery store, Target or Hobby Lobby.

I've done some research about what is offered in RR for SAHM and made some plans to branch out, get to know our new hometown and the people that call RR home.

This week, Connor and I are going to the Round Rock Public Library for Babytime. Babytime is a program specially designed for babies and their parent(s). Babytime encourages language development and learning through stories, rhymes, and music.  C loves music and I read to him every night before bed so I am sure we both will love Babytime.

On Monday, I will be attending my first MOPS meeting. As excited as I am, I'm a bit nervous, too. Mondays meeting will be with a speaker, speaking on nutrition and women's health. We will also be making a necklace craft. Since Connor is just 3 months old, he will stay with me during the meeting. I am really hoping he behaves. And even more so, I hope to really enjoy myself during MOPS.

Some of you know I love to read. I thought why not take something I enjoy and make friends doing it. The Round Rock Public Library a book club that meets once a month. My first meeting will be February 10th. I will pick up my book on Thursday... looks like I have a lot of reading in my near future!

We also found a home church that I hope to get involved in.

I have really thought long and hard on how to meet new people. Especially free or cheap ways. I'm looking forward to making use of our local library and my MOPS club membership.

** Let me know if you have any other suggestions on what Connor and I can do to fill our days! **


  1. Good for you for trying to meet people! I wish I could meet more mommy friends, unfortunately so many of the activities are geared for weekdays which I can't do since I work. Not a lot of evening/weekend stuff.

    I went to one MOPS meeting but I don't think it's for me, I don't really like structured meetings where I have to bring food and make a craft, reminds me of what I didn't like about being in a sorority. I just want to meet people and hang out casually, not so formal.

    Good luck!

  2. That's great that you guys are getting out! I'll be in your shoes next fall when my son starts kindergarden. It's just going to be me and the little guy and he's going to get bored if we don't make some friends!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. So glad to hear you're putting yourself out there. It's not easy...I know! Having Connor is such a blessing...he'll help you make friends. When we moved from NJ to OH last April, I felt just like you. I highly suggest checking out Meetup.com. I found a mom's group in my area and they are constantly having meet-ups for different story hours, mall play are outings, mom's night out, zoo trips etc. I've even made a weekly playgroup with 5 of the other moms who have children the same age as Elena. Couldn't hurt to give it a try. Have fun at babytime!

  4. So awesome that you're putting yourself out there! I need to do better with that. I would love to get involved with MOPS, but I worry too much with naps & such. I wish I weren't that way, but I also know what a crab my babe can be without one ;)


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