Friday, January 18, 2013

A Home Church

For as long as James and I have been together, we have talked about attending church, finding the right place for us. When we were in Ohio, we attended church a handful of times but no place really fit. We both agree that we want Connor to be raised in a home that is Godly and a church to count on.

This past Sunday, we visited a local church in Round Rock. We attended Celebration Church and I have NEVER in my life been to such a big church. Not only did they have 3 sheriffs directing traffic but because so many people were in attendance, we were in a overflow room, watching the sermon by satellite.

As much as I connected and loved the message, I can't see us making Celebration Church our home church. I want a smaller church. One we can be active in and where we know every one. Or nearly everyone. I am hoping to find a church that we can meet others with small children and start building relationships with.

Our first attempt at finding a church was a bust. However, we did get some pictures of Connor's first church service.  How dang adorable is he??

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