Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It's a new year which means so many people are setting New Year's resolutions. I'm usually one of those people who put forth resolutions and fail, time and time again. I will say that in 2012, I resolved to stop buying purses and shoes and I'm so proud to say that I stuck it out and didn't purchase a single pair of shoes or purse. GO ME!

But I wanted to challenge myself in 2013. Cait over at The Blessed Life has a post listing her goals for the first 6 months of 2013, with each month having a new goal assigned to it. I love this idea and have created my own but with 6 things I want to do each week, bi-weekly or monthly. I want to challenge my family and myself to be the best we can be in twenty thirteen.

Vegetarian Dinners
I am really looking forward to cooking in our new home; I have so much more space. I want to have one dinner a week that is completely meat free. This is going to cut back on our grocery cost and help cut a few calories from our dinners as well.

At Home Date Night
I don't want to lose the romance or the me and James in our life just because we are parents. It might be tough to get out now that we have a baby and don't have family or friends who can watch CJ but I am going to come up with ways to have date night at home.

While pregnant, I took really good care of myself. I took my prenatal vitamin daily and drank 100+ oz. of water daily. Since having Connor, I have really slacked on both as well as eating sensible meals and exercising. I want Connor to grow up being aware of what a healthy life is like and that starts with me and our home.

With Pinterest taking over the world one overachieving Mom at a time, I'm way behind. I'd like to pin and complete one project a month. I am almost certain that the more I attempt to be creative, the better each of my projects will be. You will be able to find these (pathetic) attempts in the Coxy Crafts tab of my blog.  

Now that we are a 1 income family, I really want to focus on our budget and where we spend our money. I know the majority of our spending goes to eating out. If I focus on the first 3 goals, I am sure I will see a difference in what we are spending.

Family Outings
Since we have recently relocated, I want to focus on getting to know our new city. I've heard a lot of good things about the Austin area and I really hope to explore the city. I would love to spend one weekend day out of the house, exploring the our new hometown.

I wish each of you the best of luck with any goals or resolutions you create for yourself in 2013. If you have any suggestions for me on how to rock my goals, feel free to email me - sacox65 at gmail dot com.

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