Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

Happy Friday Eve folks! Today, I am thankful for:
** Kristin's gift wrapping abilities.
** My parents being able to spend the weekend with us while James is house hunting in Texas.
** The combination of mint and chocolate; in any form.
** Life without alarm clocks.
** Healthy baby girls - Jesup DeAnn was born yesterday to my aunt and uncle.
I can't wait to meet her!
** Professional bakers. The cake I made and decorated for Mom's birthday is ridiculous. I should be ashamed but I'm sure it will taste amazing! It is cake after all.
** Cookie dates with girlfriends.
** Visitors during the week while James is at work. Connor likes meeting people and I like talking to someone who can talk back.
** Moments when Tug isn't howling or barking.

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