Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Parenting - 6 weeks in

6 weeks ago, we welcomed CJ into the world. I can't believe how fast 6 weeks has flown by. Not only has this little newborn turned into this growing fella who laughs, smiles and giggles but he has totally changed my world and everything I thought I knew.

I have mentioned before that I never really wanted children. Now, I can't imagine my world without our son. Sure, it's not always rainbows and happiness but it's been the most rewarding job I've ever taken on.

 I've been spit up on, thrown up on, peed on and even chewed on a little. We've gone through multiple outfits thanks to a feeding gone wrong. Our bed has been stripped and remade thanks to projectile vomit. I sleep when I can and I spend most of my days in comfy clothes and hair that looks like a bird's nest. I am lucky to remember to put on chapstick, let alone makeup.

But it's all worth it.

I have this little man that smiles the moment he wakes up in the morning. He giggles when I rap to him about cats, dogs and things Mommy and Daddy like. He farts so badly, I've called him Pigpin a time or two million. He burps like a grown man, maybe a little like Barney from the Simpson's.

He has changed so much that I can now see myself in him. It melts my heart. Knowing that he is ours and nothing can change that, makes all these "hazards" worth it.

He has made me the happiest I've ever been. I honestly never imagined loving someone so much. Just 6 weeks in and I know that I was meant to be a Mommy, Connor's Mom. I could spend day after day with just him, discovering the world through his eyes.

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