Monday, December 17, 2012

Car Seat Woes

Yesterday, Connor and I took a trip to see my family and to watch William and Allee sing in their school Christmas program. My parents live 70 minutes away in the middle of nowhere. It's totally county but is beautiful The trip allows me to see some rather pretty sights. But, now that Connor is here, car rides have a new effect on me. "Why?" you ask.

Connor HATES his car seat. I don't get it. And the worse part is, he has to get over his hatred for something so simple. Obviously, there is no way around using it. Any time we leave the house, he has to be buckled in and placed in the car. Plain and simple. Or not so simple because every time, he throws a fit. These fits vary in length and severity but regardless, we've only had one fit-free day out since birth.

Yesterday was more of the same. On the way down, he slept so it was peaceful and I got a chance to clear my head and think of a few things other than feedings, burpings, diapers and bedtimes. He was a doll at my parents. Mamaw feed him (lots) and he spent time cuddling with Aunt Linda and Uncle Stevie and got to talk with his Uncle Chetty. Overall, it was a great Sunday.

Coming home? Not so much. I had to stop 3 times to make sure his head wasn't going to explode - that's how pissed he sounded. I gave him his paci - I have 6 with me at all time. Can we say first time Mom? HA! I gave him Seth the Seahorse and even provided him with some white noise. NOTHING WORK. Finally, about 15 minutes from home, I had enough and decided to have a talk with him, which went a little something like this.
"Connor, honey, you have to calm down. There is nothing wrong with being in your car seat. Mommy is right here and as soon as we get home, we will take a bath, have some dinner and you will be able to lay down and get some sleep."
He had stopped crying/whinning/screaming while this conversation went on. I was shocked so I continued because of course a 6 1/2 week old totally undestands what I'm saying.
"Connor, I know you hate being in such a small space but it's the law. You wouldn't want Mommy to get in trouble and be accused of being another Britney Spears kind of Mom, would you? You just need to give the car seat a chance. In just a few minutes, we will be home and we can cuddle. But sweetie, you need to face the fact that your car seat isn't going anywhere soon so let's make the most of it. What do you say?"
I don't think he liked being told that the car sear was sticking around because he decided to scream bloody murder until we pulled in front of the house. Then, to my utter shock, he stopped crying. Cold turkey.
Fellow Mommas, please tell me this will end soon? Or please, please, please provide me with some suggestions to make Connor's hate for his car seat go away. I mean, really? I can only stay cooped up in the house for so long!


  1. I don't really have many suggestions, Hunter went through a phase where he screamed while being buckled in but then was fine as soon as we started moving. We've only had a few freakout moments and I think that's b/c he was hungry/wet/overtired. The only thing I can suggest is making sure he's not hungry or need a diaper change. Maybe get one of those mirrors that play music for him to look at and just take him out more so he gets used to it.

  2. When my little man gets super car-seat fussy I sing "Old McDonald." I don't know what it is about that song, but it almost always does the trick. There have been several car rides that included about 500 versus of that song. I hope your car seat troubles don't last long!

  3. Griffin has always hated his infant seat. Grayson hated it too. We are about to switch to convertible seat (Britax Marathon) so that he isn't so squished. Our Chicco seat makes both of our reflux babies spit up...I think because it squishes their bellies up. Grayson was SO much happier when we switched to his big carseat at 6 months. Griffin screams every time we go anywhere so we are switching earlier. They also make a mini sleep sheep lots of my friends hook on the handle to play soothing sounds in the car.

  4. Jaqs hated her car-seat for awhile, too. It WILL get better at some point! I'm not saying she always loves or sleeps in it now, but she rarely cries when I strap her in anymore. Both mine & my husband's families live 3 hours away, so we've made many-a-cartrip, and she does much better with it now. I think our main problem was reflux, but I agree with Shannon...make sure all his needs are met when you put him in, and that's the best you can do. Keep getting out with him, even though it can be stressful, it's GOOD (and necessary) for both of you! :) Play music, talk to him, give him a lovey or something to cuddle with, buy one of those play bar thingies for him to look at and play with, sit in the back with him if your hubby is driving. Those are my best suggestions ;) He'll get better!


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