Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

This week I'm giving thanks to:

** every one who has been there for James and I in the last 8 days while we adjust to being parents. It's been a easy transition so far but as most parents know, that can change at any point.

** pain medicine. I feel good most days but c-sections aren't for the weak. The first couple days, I hurt and felt like shit but I'm getting better, day by day.

** Connor. He has made me a Mom. Something I never thought I would be.

** Dean. Thank you for running errands for me! I owe you!

** James. I can't believe how amazing he has been as a Daddy. I was uncertain of how he would react to being spit up on or changing a dirty diaper but he has been a champ. Connor and I are both so very blessed!

** for living in a state where the weather is somewhat normal. My heart goes out to those on the east coast who just a week ago had to deal with a hurricane and are now dealing with a snow storm.

** the right to vote. You might not agree with my choice of President but there are countries where no votes are ever cast and women have no voice. Our system might not be perfect but we are lucky to have the right.

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  1. Gobble up those pain meds sister! I had a c-section too and I tried to "tough it out" and it made me miserable and it took my body longer to recover. When my doctor finally told me to seriously take them, I felt like a million bucks!


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