Friday, November 23, 2012

Our 1st Holiday

As you read this post, I hope you are either a) in a wonderful turkey hangover or b) heading to bed after taking one for the team and tackling the Black Friday madness. Regardless of if you are a or b, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving; we did!

Thursday morning, we meet some friends and family for breakfast and got the chance to take our first Thanksgiving Day photo as a family of 3.

After breakfast, with our tummies too full, we went to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner. As always Mamaw/Momma, cooked way too much food and we ate more than we should have. Connor was the life of the party, as clearly showcased in this photo:

My favorite part of the day was Connor meeting his Uncle Chetty. Chetty, or Chester, has been away at college and I was so excited to introduce 2 of my all-time favorite people!

I hope you all got to enjoy time with your loved ones. We sure did!

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