Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursdays


Happy Thursday folks! This week, I'm giving thanks for:

** our induction date: October 29th. This means that we will be welcoming our son into the world sometime on October 30th. I can not wait.

** it's officially 2 months until Christmas. I love the holidays and I'm so blessed to have a baby to celebrate with this year.

** James. He has been so supportive and helpful throughout my entire pregnancy. As we get closer to meeting Connor, I can only imagine how awesome of a father he will be.

** maternity clothes. I couldn't imagine trying to put on "normal" clothes. There is no way in Hell that would be possible.

** the cold front that is coming in the weekend. I'm over the Indian Summer we are having (as our my feet and ankles).

** the nice comments I got about my fear of breastfeeding. Thanks ladies!

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