Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So What! Wednesday

This week, I'm saying so what to:

** the fact that I'm at work on my due date! I know, I know. The odds of me having Connor on his due date were slim to none but damn, I am hoping my "retirement" kicks in soon.

** if every night when I get home from work, I watch a DVR'ed show BEFORE starting dinner or doing anything useful around the house. I need some me time.

** if my feet are finally swollen. I mean... I now have wrinkles in my toes where before, there were no wrinkles. It's so strange to look down, it's like these feet don't belong to me.

** I can care less about the election. I'm going to vote and I take it seriously but I am over having to hear about either party on a daily basis.

** I love that Jessica Biel (Timberlake?) had a pink wedding gown. What I don't love? That J & J spent a reported $6.5 million dollars on their wedding. That's a bit much, lovers.

** if I'm jealous of ladies who are tall. I have height envy. I always have and the more pregnant I become, the greener I get.

** I'm scared to breastfeed.


  1. That is WAY too much on a wedding! That money could have been so useful to so many. Seriously! You're right, a bit much. I have height envy too! Hello 5'2" me. Oh don't be scared to breastfeed! :( What has you scared about it? Your baby will take to it and you will take to it and it will be perfect. It will! :)

  2. Being a first time Mom, I'm worried about whether or not he is getting enough and I've heard horrible stories of the pain associated with it. I am going to try, really but I'm a bit nervous. I had a moment yesterday (some crying occurred) that I totally freaked because I want to be able to give him the best (breast milk) and I'm just worried he is going to be hungry and I won't know it.

  3. Happy Due date!
    Don't be scared to breast feed! I know there are tons of horror stories out there, but honestly I think those people were doing something wrong. I breast fed for 12 months and 2 days, and I never had a problem. I really enjoyed it. Just don't be afraid to ask for help if you don't think it's going correctly! Lactation consultants are awesome!

  4. Happy Due Date!

    Don't be scared to breastfeed. Will it hurt in the beginning? Probably. But it will get better. The nurses are there to help so make sure you use them. I'm sure you'll both do fine!

  5. Stopping and and following from SWW! I went 2 weeks over my due date on my first kiddo. Totally over the politcal mud slinging also...

  6. Don't be afraid to breastfeed. It hurt so bad with Grayson and I was dumb not to see a lactation consultant. If it hurts, he's probably not latching properly & a LC can help that!

    My water broke with G on my due date...maybe the same will happen to you!!


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