Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh Dear Mister...

James and I have been together for 4 1/2 years and have lived together for the majority of that time. No judging. Living with someone before marriage, to me, is important. You get to know the person inside and out and hopefully before saying "I do" there are no surprises.

My husband is a clean freak. Not a bad thing, right? He thinks it's important for the house to be cleaned before anyone comes over. Not just picked up and orderly, but cleaned. But that's okay because I'm that way, too. Living together has always been a easy task and we get along the majority of the time when it comes to the household responsibilities. We both have chores we hate (him, laundry and me, cleaning the bathtub/shower). We have a pretty good routine and our home is usually in good shape.

However, there are times when, my neat freak husband drives me nuts. It's the little things he does that I can't help but want to choke him for doing. Need examples? I thought you'd never ask:
  • As soon as he gets home, he comes into the living room and strips down to his under-roos and white t-shirt. And the clothes he lost are now laying on the living room floor.
  • Each morning, he makes himself tea in the Keurig. He pulls the machine away from the wall so he has more room to work with. When he is done, the Keurig is still at the edge of the counter and the empty tea K-cup is left in the machine.
  • He turns lights on all over the house and keeps them on, even when there is not a soul in those rooms. It's like he is lighting the house for the cat or something.
  • All of his bath and body products are in a white basket under the bathroom sink. Each morning and evening, he places the basket on the counter to get ready for work/bed. James then heads to bed, leaving the basket on the counter.
I am sure I've missed something in my list but let me tell you, it's the little things like this that make me what to strangle my husband. My husband who is kind and support. The same man who is my rock and does everything for me, without question or fail.

I know these are small things. Things that can be overlooked but sometimes, I wonder what would happen if I just overlooked the pile of clothes or the expensive electric bill or the cluttered counter top. No one would care and my life would be totally okay. But there are times when I think to myself "if you do this one more time" or "you have got to be kidding me". Times when I think he can't be the same man I started dating so long ago. The one that was a neat freak and never made messes. I guess if this is my only battle, I'm pretty lucky, right?

And Coxy, love you, messy included!

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