Monday, October 1, 2012

October! Seriously?

This isn't news to anyone... but holy smokes! It's October, folks!! October means the following things are going to happen within the next 30 days:

  • Connor JAMES will be here sometime this month. Did you notice a change? We decided to use Hubster's first name as Connor's middle name instead of Ross. I love the change. And I am diggin' the nickname CJ.
  • Speaking of the Mister, he turns 35 this month! Which makes me 6 years older than me for 8 days. Cradle robber!
  • I will be "retiring" this month. It all depends on when Little Mister arrives.
  • October kicks off the fall holidays I love so much! Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas - HERE I COME!
  • And finally... October marks the last month of my 20's!! Bring on the Dirty 30's ladies and gentleman! 

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