Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So What!

I have lots to say So What! to this week... get comfy!
  • if I got a little scared when I realized I only have 5 more Dr.'s appointments before our due date! I can't believe how fast pregnant goes.
  • if Connor has 65 plain white onesies. I am sure we will use every last one and the best part? I didn't pay for a single one. (Thank you friends and family)
  • if I wish I could take a weeks vacation and do nothing but nap. I have the time off but need to save it for Little Dude's arrival. 
  • if I hope that we are able to get rid of a lot of crap next week in our garage sale. At this point, I don't care if I give it away for free. Our basement can only hold so much more.
  • I sometimes worry about my replacement at work. I'm due to leave in 7 weeks and they haven't hired anyone yet or interviewed anyone for that matter. This could be a problem. Not to brag but I do so much for our office, it's going to take all 7 weeks and then some to get him or her trained.
  • if I worked in Connor's room all day yesterday instead of enjoying the day off. I swear, if I worked 4 days every week, I'd get so much more accomplished at home.
  • if I am sad that TEEN MOM is off the air. I loved those girls. I hope that's not the last we see of them. Well, scratch that... I could go the rest of my life without Farrah or Amber. Those girls are disasters. Straight hot messes, minus the hotness.
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So What! to this week! - HAPPY HUMP DAY! 


  1. We were sad to see Teen Mom end too - and we hated how it ended. I wish I could say that having Monday as an 'extra' day this week helped me, but instead my schedule is all screwy and I feel like it put me behind instead of ahead.

    1. I like how you say "we". We means you and Jeremy, right? I love that he watches it with you. James does too but he isn't a fan of Farrah. He says he can't stand the look of her!

  2. I thought the same exact thing about Teen Mom! Won't miss Farrah or Amber, but will miss Maci and Caitlyn (or however she spells it). Stopping in from LAID.
    Jen @

  3. I love a baby in a plain white onsie! We have a ton too. They make great undershirts!

    1. If all Connor wears is white onsie and some bottoms, I am a-okay with that!


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