Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I've lost my mind...

... or so it seems.

I've decided to do a vlog. Yes, that's right, a vlog. I don't know what makes me think this is a good idea or heck, that anyone cares but I'm going to do it and I need your help.

I don't know what to talk about. I'm not so good at talking about myself and I don't do well with small talk so send me your questions. Anything goes, really. Although I'm a little shy (shocking, right?), I don't have a filter and am pretty much game for anything.

Ready? Set? Let the questions begin! 


  1. Oh, I am excited to see this! =)

  2. How did you come to have 10 animals? How do you think they will adjust to the baby? (oops 9 animals!) what are your nursery inspirations/theme?


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