Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Growing up, I couldn't wait to be an adult. I had it all figured out. I knew what I wanted to be (a forensic physiologist), I wanted to move away from Ohio (somewhere east, on the beach) and I wanted to be single forever and children were totally out of the picture (free to come and go and not have to worry about anyone else). I remember thinking what was so hard about being an adult. Why are so many people bitter? What's with all the complaints?

And then reality hit. I struggled in college. Who knew forensics involved so much science? College was hard. No one worried about what assignments I had missing or what my tests scores were. And my counselor? I swear I didn't have one (I did, I just didn't take advantage of him). The hometown I wanted to move away from... why was I so damn homesick for it? I lasted 62 days at a school that was 4 hours from home. And my desire to be free and come and go? I missed my high school boyfriend so much! I just couldn't imagine life without him (dear God, I can't believe I just put that in writing).

Now, almost 12 years later, my reality is that I am work a 8-5 Monday through Friday job that I sometimes hate but love more times than not. My role as a Student Services Coordinator has provided me the opportunity to meet and work with amazing people of our community who have been dealt a bad hand. And I am not using much of my college degree for my job and that's okay. I am doing something that I'm passionate about (no science involved). I live 15 minutes away from my hometown and I have never ever lived anywhere near the beach. Maybe one day I will see more of the world. The high school boyfriend I couldn't live without? He is a douche bag. Seriously. 150%. I met and married the one for me. I've been married 15 months to the man of my dreams, someone that I can't imagine living without. We are 1 month away from expanding our family with our first child.

Sometimes, things are tough. We experience loss and heartbreak. We are forced to make hard decisions that we hope we won't regret. We have to put our families (in my case, husband and child) first. We learn, we grow and we conquer. There are times when our lives are filled with so much joy and happiness, we can't imagine there ever being a bad time. We know that things do get better and that there is more to life than who is dating who, what brand you are wearing and how much money you have. In the end, we realize that being an adult isn't as bad as we thought.

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