Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I am linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew for another round of So What! Wednesday. This week I'm saying SO WHAT! to...

  • if today marks the beginning of my 3rd trimester! I can't believe how fast pregnancy goes. I have so much to do and not a lot of time to do it in.
  • the fact that I sometimes truly hate working for such a small company. I just don't understand how it's so hard to get answers. I wouldn't ask for assistance if I could find the info myself. I sometimes think working for a corporate office truly does have it perks.
  • being super excited for our first "baby" class tonight. On today's agenda, we have our Child Care Class. Seems simple enough. I'm sure I'm going in more confident than I should be. We shall see!
  • that I'm such a control freak that I've been very active in planning my baby shower. I can't help it. I have expectations and I want to make sure it is "perfect".
  • I've signed up for prenatal yoga and I'm scared to death to start classes. I've never taken a yoga class before and I'm worried I won't be able to do the moves. When class starts, I will be 32 weeks pregnant. Am I getting in over my head? 
Now it's your turn! Get a few things off your chest and link up with Shannon! Happy HUMP Day! 


  1. I can't believe you're already in your third trimester!

    I was surprised by how much I knew in our baby class, thank God for haha. I'm sure it will be fun.

    It was REALLy hard for me to not help plan my baby shower b/c I'm a control freak too. But it was fun to have everything be a surprise. I'm sure yours will be great.

  2. I can't believe the 3rd trimester is already here. Time is flying so fast. I am looking forward to class, especially seeing how James does. He is such a newbie.


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