Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shannon's Mommyisms

Shannon over at From Match to Marriage has provided me with some amazing!!! Mom advice. There are lots of great suggestions listed below; many I didn't even think to consider. Make sure you check out Shannon's blog - she keeps it real and has the cutest little boy, Hunter.
-Don't waste money buying too many newborn outfits and diapers, they outgrow them super fast, especially if you have a big baby to start with. It's easier to put them in clothes that are too big than too small.
-Once they start having a lot of blowouts it's usually the sign you need to go up a size in diapers.
-I also have stopped buying too many clothes in the bigger sizes for when he's older because he's been growing so fast that he's already outgrown a lot of the clothes I had bought for him to wear this fall/winter. By the time the weather cools down they will be too small. Until you know how big and fast he's going to grow you may not want to buy too many seasonal outfits in larger sizes.
-I recommend the sleepers with the zippers as opposed to the snaps. It's a pain in the ass to have to deal with a bunch of snaps during the middle of the night diaper changes.
-Don't feel bad about sending the baby to the nursery in the hospital for a few hours or even to spend the night so you can get some rest. They will bring him to you for any feedings if you plan to try to breastfeed and it's important to rest while you can (especially if you end up with a Csection). We had Hunter in our room that first night and I was so sick and in so much pain from the surgery I couldn't really do much and Kristian didn't really know how to take care of him yet so we didn't get much sleep that night. Take advantage of the nurses help while you're there. You will still have plenty of time to bond with him.
-Don't load up any one kind of bottle or pacifier until you know what Connor's preference is. Hunter has never been particular but I know lots of babies can be.
-I recommend the Halo sleepsacks for swaddling as opposed to swaddle blankets. I could never get the blankets tight enough and he started to break out of them early on. The sleepsacks are great and easy to use.
-I also recommend some kind of sound machine for wherever he's going to be sleeping. Something that has some kind of white noise/ocean waves/rain etc. Ours has been a godsend.
-If you do plan on breastfeeding him learn to nurse laying down, I wish I had learned it sooner, it makes it so much easier in the middle of the night.
-One thing that has calmed Hunter down when he's fussy ever since birth is Reggae music, works like a charm. Maybe something to try, can't guarantee it will work for Connor but you never know :)


  1. Amen on zippers vs snaps! I cannot tell you how many snap pj's I decided just wasn't worth the time anymore and just put in the 'outgrown' box to get rid of.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Hope the advice helps :)


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