Tuesday, August 28, 2012


32 weeks. You know what that means - we are only 2 months away from our due date and one step closer to holding our baby boy in our arms and sharing him with our friends and family.

It felt at times that this day would never come. Friends, family and our doctors try to prepare us for the third trimester and the final weeks with loving yet honest advice. You are told that you will feel huge, exhausted and that the heartburn and backaches will be attacking in full force. Not to mention, CANKLES! However, no matter how many times I'm warned about the "famous" third trimester, it seems so far away. Now, I'm 4 weeks in and I'm waiting for the pain, the discomfort and the dreaded cankles with welcoming arms.

Because it's all worth it. I would do it over and over again as long as in the end I get to meet our little boy. This little human that has totally taken over my ever wakening moment.

One thing I didn't expect was what mixed emotions I would have about the end of my pregnancy. If feels like this journey just began and yet, it's slowly coming to an end. It's terrifying and thrilling all at the same time. In just a short 57 days, we are going to be a family of 10. I'm going to be a stay at home Mom and James is going to give his heart to a little boy, someone he is going to love more than me, I'm sure. And someone I don't mind sharing my husband's heart with. One that I've been loving whole heartedly since the day I found out we were pregnant.

I can hardly wait to see what he looks like, to feel him snuggle against me, even to do the things like bathe him, dress him and bring him home for the first time. I am eager to see how James interacts with Connor. James is going to be an amazing father and the love I have for him is only going to multiply as I watch him care and provide for our son, our family.

I want to push fast forward AND pause at the same time. I want to take this moment and freeze it in time. I want Connor to know he is loved beyond measure and that every moment over the last 32 weeks were perfect. Just like him.


  1. This is so sweet and I know exactly how you feel.

    It does go so fast and other than my itching, I was never really miserable in my 3rd trimester. I had some cankles there towards the end, but that was pretty much it!

  2. great post!!! I love being a Mom and you will do great! Enjoy your naps now hahah

    I can attempt to take pics of you and James if you want?? Again I am not a professional haha


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