Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Katie's Mommy Advice

I am so excited to share with you Katie's words of Mommy wisdom. You can find more about Katie over at Our Happily Ever After. She is a new Mommy to the cutest little girl Jaqs - the name along is adorable. Thanks Katie for sharing some of your wisdom with me and the other ladies!
I guess the one thing I wish I would have been a little more informed about was baby reflux since we were in the grips of it for several weeks and everyone kept acting like I was overreacting about "normal baby fussiness." UM NO! Just because you're a new mom doesn't mean you don't know shit, okay? My baby is 100% better after being on reflux meds! You hear it all the time, but truly, TRUST YOURSELF!
As far as baby gear goes, the 'must-haves' we are easily doing without would be a changing table, wipes warmer, bottle sanitizers, and a baby bath-tub.
Also, we had Jaqs in the room with us for maybe 2 nights until we put her in the crib. Best decision we ever made as far as sleep goes. You don't hear EVERY little sound, and you don't have to worry about waking up the baby. And as a bonus, there's no transition later! In my opinion, as long as you have a monitor everything will be fine :)
P.S. - Katie used the word shit... I think this is the first time I have ever "heard" her cuss so you KNOW she means business!


  1. Oh yes, the changing table... we've never used one either. Seriously. You'll be changing diapers on the couch like a pro in no time!

  2. Haha, just read this! Love your comment! Thanks for sharing, Stephanie ;)


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