Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jenn's Letter to Connor and I

There are a few people that I follow in blog world or who follow me that I actually know. You know, they are real people that I see face to face and not just through posts and Instagram. One of those people is my dear cousin, Jenn. Jenn is a few years (5, cough, cough) younger than me but the closest thing I had to a sister growing up. She is just the neatest person! And one of the few family members I really like. When I asked for some parenting advice last week, Jenn wrote me this heartfelt letter. I will forever cherish her words:
 Dearest Mrs. Cox,

I am so excited for you to welcome Connor into this world! You do know that as stay-at-home Mommy’s, we’re going to have to have a ‘mom’ club that meets at least once a week, right? Any who, since you asked for it, I thought I would offer a little bit of advice.

For one, don’t waste your money on a lot of things. I know you’ve already had your shower and I’m sure that you got lots of goodies. You probably don’t need a whole lot more. My most treasured items when Henry was born was my boppy pillow (not the one that is enclosed, just get the regular one, it’s all you REALLY need), burp rags, blankets and of course, lots of diapers and wipes. 

Two things that I had that I found out were completely useless? The diaper genie and the wipes warmer. Sure, they’re great in theory, but they are pretty much pointless. The diaper genie fills up way too fast, and while Connor is tiny it might be nice, but once his diapers get bigger (and fuller) you’ll be trying to shove huge diapers in a tiny hole and changing the liner ALL THE TIME. It will get way expensive, way fast. The wipe warmer works and all, but the wipes get cold within a few seconds of being out of the thing so unless you’re moving extremely fast, that wipe is going to be cold no matter what. So just skip those two items; put them back on the shelf and just walk away.

I know you’re going to hear this a million times, but I’m going to say it anyway. If you do anything, cherish every little second you have with Connor while he’s small. Keep your camera charged and close by to capture those moments you don’t want to forget and write it all down if you can. If you think 9 months go fast, a year with a baby will go so much faster and when you blink and realize that your baby isn’t a baby anymore (but instead his legs are as long as his entire body was when he was born) you’ll wish you had all those little moments backs.

One more thing - time will never replace any toy. I know that you’re going to be a great mother, in fact, you already are. But read to Connor, get down on the floor with him and talk to him, cuddle him and just enjoy being with him at every chance you get. One day he’ll prefer his toys over you but until he does, enjoy him enjoying you. 

There are going to be tough days and nights - days where you are exhausted and feel like just handing him to someone else for awhile and nights where he wants nothing more than you to rock him all night long. Blink back a few tears, cuddle him closer and just remember that you are his Mommy and no one means more to him than you.

I love you and I can’t wait to meet your little boy,
To learn more about Jenn, her adorable family and maybe even make a friend, visit Jenn's blog:  These Ripples and Waves

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  1. That little bit at the top - that's just too sweet. I really can't wait to meet Connor though!


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