Friday, August 3, 2012

Craft #2 - Subway Art

Subway art... how have I gotten by for so long without you? Thanks to the gals over at Tip Junkie, I have completed another crafty project. It's not as crafty as you might think and it's really easy to tackle and execute.

When visiting Tip Junkie, search for subway art printables free (because you shouldn't be paying for them!) or even try it in a Google search (try clicking images). You will come across hundreds of options to download. Here are a few of my favorites (all from TJ):

4th of July Subway Art {Patriotic Quotes} Christmas Scripture Word Tree Printable {Christmas Tree}Valentine Subway Art

I love how there are printables for nearly every holiday and special occasion. As soon as I saw these, I knew exactly where I wanted to put one in our home.

Here is a bookshelf I put together a few weeks ago. The picture isn't the best, it's from Instagram:

I loved the outcome. The best part, we had everything needed. I just had to add the photos to the frames! But something was missing on the top shelf with the vase, which is were the subway art comes in. I printed out a summer piece I liked and added it to a frame (again, we had this on hand) and here is the end result:

With this little piece of "art", my bookshelf is complete and I have now accomplished my second project courtesy of Tip Junkie!

To prepare for upcoming holidays and special occasions, I've printed my favorite subway art printables and have them ready and waiting. I'm going to change out the flowers in the vase to match the colors in the print as well. I really enjoyed finding prints that fit into our personalities and our favorite holidays. Now, hop over to Tip Junkie and see what subway art you can incorporate into your home!


  1. I love subway art too! This is super cute!

  2. Love this!! So cute :) I'm going to have to check it out.


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