Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I'm hookin' up with Shannon over at LAID for another SWW!

  • if I have yet to make any real progress in Connor's nursery. I have plenty of ideas. I know exactly what theme/colors we are going to use. What I lack is the time.
  • if I think it's okay to tell people that I've gained weight. I mean, hell, I'm pregnant. Which makes it okay for the first time EVER in my life that gaining weight is okay to talk/share/brag about.
  • if I think a few people I work with are lazy shits.
  • if I want it to be Fall, not so that we have Connor and I'm a SAHM, but because it's so damn hot outside already and I hate it. H.A.T.E. Although those first 2 reasons are pretty good ones, too.
  • if I got a little giddy and way too happy when my Dr. told me she loved me because I drink water and exercise as a pregnant women. I am not using being pregnant as an excuse to be a whale. No way, Jose. I'm going straight to MILF status after having this babe.
  •  if I wish I could get some time off work to do whatever, whenever and not have to use PTO or go without pay. Not being a rich, kept wife is a nuisance sometimes, let me tell ya?! 
Now, head on over to Shannon's blog and link up for SWW!


  1. congrats on the OB giving you complements. that's the best!!!
    I agree about it being unfair not being a rich, kept wife. We deserve that, right?!?!

    1. I have taken my pregnancy weight gain very seriously and I am so happy my OB notices.

  2. Found your blog through First Name Smith and couldn't resist saying hello. Super cute. I just moved to Ohio from NJ :) Congrats on your pregnancy :)


  3. I think I need to warn you that I love everything Jersey, mostly the bad reality TV shows! :) Welcome! Feel free to follow my blog. Maybe you can be my Jersey inspiration every once in a while.


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