Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So What! Wednesday

This week I'm saying So What! to
  • if I had chocolate milk and chocolate donuts for breakfast this morning. I've done pretty good with eating right and healthy during this pregnancy. Occasionally, I need some a lot of chocolate.
  • if my new after work routine is as follows: dinner, very little housework, evening walk, shower and bed by 9. It's nothing to write home about but I love my evenings. James has even given in to the early bedtimes. I think we both are trying to load up on the sleep before Connor Ross arrives.
  • if I have yet to get the 2nd trimester boost of energy. I'm forcing myself to be much more active during the next 20 weeks of my pregnancy. I was BEYOND lazy the first half.
  • if I have ideas of different posts to write but because I'm in bed by 9 ever night, I NEVER get around to it. I need to start pre-posting. Did I just inventing that word?
  • the fierceness of my pregnancy brain cracks me up! I can't believe it really exist, let alone can effect someone that usually has her shit together 24/7. I can only hope that I give birth and gain my "normal" brain function again. We can only hope!
  • if I like my night routine because after I shower and lay down, I get the chance to feel Connor move. It's amazing and makes me realize that I truly am the "home" of a precious little baby boy!
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  1. chocolate milk + choc donuts = amazing prego breakfast! I ate chocolate brownie batter ice cream daily when I was knocked up. Must be a boy thing?

    Mom brain was like 900x worse than pregnancy brain. sad times :(

    Feeling the baby kick is seriously the best thing ever! Enjoy it!

  2. congrats on the pregnancy!!!
    chocolate anything...and I'm happy. No joke. And I'm a fitness instructor and med student!!! hahaha I should know better, but hey, sometimes it's just totally allowed!

  3. I never hit that surge of energy with my last pregnancy. Here's hoping you get yours soon! And I so loved laying down at night because I could always feel the baby kicking right before I fell asleep.


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