Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Commenting Challenge - Day 2

I know this is still Day 1 but because I started a day late, I need to play catch up! Thanks to Jenna, I feel like my blogging juices are flowing! I'm looking forward to finding new blogs to follow and hope those of you who have added me to their reading list enjoy my little part of the blog world.

Today's topic: Tell us about your blog. What do you blog about? Why do you blog? How did you start blogging? What kinds of things do you/are you willing to share with the world? Where do you find your topic inspiration? (Hint: Don't share about your social media just yet!)

I started Creating Mrs. Cox in August 2011. I can't believe it's almost a year. I starting blogging in hopes of documenting my life as wife (the Mrs. part) and the day to day happenings of our family. Mister and I were married in June of 2011 and I knew very little of what it meant to be a wife. I had waited 28 years to marry and I wanted I wanted to give 100% to my husband and our marriage and I starting using blogging as a outlet for what was going on it our world. Sometimes it's not all that exciting but I enjoy sharing my thoughts, feelings and life with our family and friends that are out of town along with the friends I've made through blogging.

As we transition from a family of 2 to a family with a newborn, I hope to use Creating Mrs. Cox to document Connor's life and my new role as a Mommy. Some of my blog post are meant as reminders. I recently had a blog about my Christmas traditions I plan to start this year. Yes, Christmas blogs in June. This is more of a reminder blog for me but some of my followers gave me some great feedback and are now looking forward to the holidays with their little ones.

I am looking forward to finding new blog followers that can help provide advice on parenting and motherhood along with some free therapy (because let's face it, the first few months of parenting are going to be a whole new world for us and a drunk Momma is no good to anyone!).


  1. Enjoyed visiting your blog today. Visiting from the Comment Challenge!

  2. Visitng from Jenna's as well! I had to click on your blog because you have the same last name as my boyfriend's family. =) Congratulations on the little one! I'm excited to read more!

  3. Visiting from Jenna's! Super cute blog! All of us mommas have to stick together! You totally cracked me up about the drunk Momma!

  4. Hi Stephanie, Happy Anniversary to you. I am visiting through Jenna's challenge. I see you love animals, so do I. I would probably live on a farm if given the opportunity although I don't know how much of it I could handle at my age now. hehe I get worn out just taking care of my big back yard. Anyways, stop by my blog, and see how long I have been married, and if you like what you see, be sure to follow it. I am listed as Karen's Korener on Jenna's list.

  5. You had me laughing at the "free therapy" comment! That is SO true!

    Thanks for joining in on the challenge!

  6. Stopping by from Jenna's Journey. You are one cute pregnant lady! :)


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