Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So What! Wednesday

This week I'm saying So What! to:

  • if I know there is a chance we will leave our ultrasound on Monday and NOT know the sex of the baby. But you can bet your sweet bottom, I'm going to try my damnest to make Emma/Connor cooperate.
  • if I have boycotted going to the grocery store. I am just not interested in food these days. I'm eating, gaining weight even, but the idea of going grocery shopping is too much for me to handle.
  • if our wedding anniversary is on Tuesday and I have ZERO clue on a gift for Mister. Epic wife fail.
  • if I picked out and bought my own baby shower invitations. I loved them and they were on sale that day, plus I had a credit through Shutterfly! I had to get them. However, since my Mom is hosting my shower, she can address them and mail all 65 of them out.
  • if I plan on spending my Monday night baby shopping (hence the importance of knowing what we are having!). I will be 20 weeks and I haven't bought a single item. Momma needs to shop!
Now it's your turn to link up with Shannon and tell us what you are saying So What! to!


  1. I give you credit for not buying anything yet, before I found out the gender I bought a few gender neutral items just to satisfy my baby buying urge. But it's way more fun when you know the gender!

  2. Drink something with a little sugar and/or caffeine & get that baby moving! I was paranoid both times about that...good luck!


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