Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So What! Wednesday

IT'S WEDNESDAY! Which means my work week is almost over and it's time for a little So What! with Shannon.

  • So What! if I have yet to take a bump photo. I don't feel like I look pregnant. I just feel chubby. I am determined to have one before next week. I am thinking that if I don't, I will regret it! At 17 weeks, I should be documenting this pregnancy a little more.
  • So What! if I gave it and did the pregnancy pencil test and I'm excited about the results but feel like a ass clown believing a pencil. If I am to trust said pencil test, we are having a boy!
  • So What! if I have been using Head and Shoulders shampoo as face/body wash. I read online (and you should always trust the Internet) that it helps with breakouts. Thanks to Petite, I can't take/use my normal medicines for my skin and I've been breaking out. Well, what do you know? The Head and Shoulders is working.
  • So What! if I have been having Smart Ones for lunch. I like them, they are cheap and easy. And I am keeping it down and they are keeping me full.
  • So What! if James and I went to a movie last night, a Tuesday night. We saw the Raven (a pretty good movie) and I have came to the conclusion that I am going to see as many movies as possible before the baby gets here. Anyone up for Magic Mike?
  • So What! if I said to my husband "I want my boobs to stay big after I have the baby". This isn't normal Stephanie. This pregnancy is effecting my logical thinking. The real me doesn't want big boobs... ever!
Now, link up with Shannon and tell us what you are saying So What! to this week!


  1. My mom's friend did a similar test on me to guess the gender. It said girl, in fact almost all the old wives tales said it was a girl, well I had a boy so now I don't believe any of them! haha.

    And definitely take bump photos, I love looking back on mine and seeing how I grew.

  2. All of the wive's tale tricks told me I was havin g a girl as well, although everyone told me that all of my morning sickness meant I was having a boy. I really don't think there's anyway to really know until you have an ultrasound - which I know is so tedious to wait for, but you're almost there!


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