Monday, April 30, 2012

You Gotta Get With My Friends

I know that without a doubt I have an amazing set of friends. Some of these girls I've known for 24 years. Without my ladies, I would have never made it through high school, heartbreak, moving out on my own and some of the biggest mistakes ever made in human history. In honor of these amazing friends, I'm going to blog about their greatest.

Carey and I have been friends since kindergarten. We have been through more than anyone else and we always come out stronger and stronger. In 2002, Carey was in a horrible car accident that almost took her from us. But thanks to the power of prayer and lots of fight, Carey pulled through, stronger than ever. Carey is the one friend from school that I've kept in touch with. Her friendship is priceless! I might not see Carey as often as I'd like but I love her, tons. And her baby girl Layla!

You all are familiar with Kari, well mostly Kari's little girl Macie. Kari and I meet when we worked together at TR. At the time , pre-Macie, are lives were very similar. Both of us worked yucky retail hours with husbands that work Monday-Friday. Kari and I went to Pizza Hut on our first lunch date and I knew we were meant to be friends. The girl loves Pizza Hut and Mt. Dew just as much as me! We've been through the birth of one baby, a wedding, family loss and later this year, we will share the experience of me bringing my own little one into the world.

Oh Kimmy, how I love you! Kim and I meet when she moved from NY to OH and started working with NH. Kim and I are complete opposites and that had made our friendship one of a kind. Kim is sassy and emotional and open-minded while I'm more reserve and quiet. However, we balance each other out and she refers to me as her life coach because I tend to be able to talk some sense into her from time to time. The ironic part is that when I first meet Kim, I wasn't a fan. But I quickly learn you can't judge a book by it's cover. Kim has 2 kids, Nick and Maggie, and the coolest parents, Joe and MaryAnn, and they are like a second family.

I meet Kristin in 2001 when my boyfriend cheated on me with her. Yes, you read that right. Of course, she didn't know the douche bag had a girlfriend. She apologized over and over, even got me an I'm sorry card. I felt so bad that she had got wrapped up in our mess that I forgave her quickly and almost 11 years later we are the best of friends. Kristin and I both got married last year and we've shared so many ups and downs that we have the strongest bond. Sometimes we lose touch for a few but lately, we've been much closer. I guess the older you get the more you value a good friendship. If I could get the girl to move closer to me, it would be a perfect world.

Oh Sarah, how I love you! Sarah and I meet through mutual friends in 2004. It was Valentine's Day and I was an emotional wreck and although we didn't hit it off right away, we quickly learned that our bitchiness and attitude had found it's match. After that, we were inseparable. Sarah is the only girl I've ever lived with and although we have our differences, Sarah and I have really been there for each other more than any other friend. Sarah and I had a falling out in 2006 but a few years later realized we needed each other and we've been friends since. We joke that that was our breakup but we just couldn't quit each other.

Tracy and I meet when she was promoted to Kristin's aunt's position at the PD. Tracy is such an amazing person. She has the heart of gold and would do anything for her friends and family. She appreciates the same finer things in life that I do, everything Jersey! I see Trace about once a month but regardless, it's like we just saw each other the day before. Just this passed Saturday, we spend the evening chatting, looking over her vacation photos and watching our favorite show, Revenge. And I can't forget to mention, she has the most adorable home. When James and I move, I'm going to hire Tracy has my interior decorator, she is that good!

Some friendships come and go but I know without a doubt that I will always have this ladies in my life. Each of them bring something into my word and can never be replaced. I'm very blessed to have meet these girls.

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