Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend went by so quickly but then again all weekends tend to race by when you look forward to them as much as I do.

Friday night, James and I had to get the babies (Jordan, Vanessa, Cora, Will and Macie) Easter baskets. Yes, we are those people. The ones that provide loads and loads of candy to your children, get them on a sugar high like no other and then head home. It's great being an aunt and uncle! Oh and let me tell you, you can tell James and I aren't parents just yet because who in the right mind goes Easter basket shopping the Friday before Easter. The aisles were out of control and candy/bunnies/shit were thrown and tossed everywhere. Needless to say, James and I grab what we needed (a bit extra, actually) and headed home, glad to be in one piece. Note to self: NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN!

Saturday, James and I had breakfast out and it was so nice to sit across Baby Daddy - HA! and just enjoy his company. I love James. A lot. More and more with each passing day. He is the best thing ever, the cat's meow and no matter what we are doing, I love just being with him. WOW! Where did that come from? Let's blame in on the hormones, mmkay? After breakfast, I got ready for Layla Ann's birthday party. Layla's Momma is Carey. We've been friends for 24 years. She is truly the longest tenured friend I have and we've been through so much. Regardless of how little or much time we see each, I love Carey. She's my Care Bear. That should tell you how long we go back! 1980's, what up!

Saturday night we travelled to the Hills to visit my parents, brothers and the babes. I don't see my family nearly enough but the time I do spend with them is always special. Especially when I get greeted with the best hug ever by Will. The kids enjoyed their baskets and hunting for Easter eggs and I spent time talking with Momma and my brother's girlfriend. A little girl chat does a body/soul good.

Sunday was spent relaxing and enjoying my husband's company. We had a late lunch/dinner and then visited with M.K.M and I can't wait to share the pictures I got of Mae in her Easter dress. It's time like these that I hope the babe I'm growing is a girl, she is just that adorable!

Since Sunday was so pretty out, we made a trip to the park. I'm a little sad to admit that MJ is 16 months old and this is the first time I've been to the park with her... bad Aunt TeTe! But with summer fast approaching, I have made it my goal to spend more days outside with Mae.

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  1. Happy Easter to you guys! It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time!


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