Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So What! Wednesday

This week I'm linking up with  Shannon  for another So What! Wednesday...
  • So What! if I am determined to wear my normal work pants for as long as possible during my pregnancy. I am so frugal such a tight wad that I want to make my wardrobe last and last. I am 11 weeks today and I feel like if I can wear my current work pants through my entire first trimester, I am a success.
  • So What! if I want to stab people in the throat each time they bring up their love/hate for President Obama. Everyone is in titled to their opinion but damn, it's too early for this! It's April, which means 7 more months of this political bullshit.
  • So What! if I dropped two unladylike words in my last So What! bullet point. Sometimes, even laid back, go with the flow Stephanie gets worked up.
  • So What! if I went the entire month of March without going to the grocery store. I should be embarrassed by this but in fact, I'm actually impressed!
  • So What! if I am over trying to name the baby. I know, I know, I have at least 29 more weeks but I thought James and I could pick one boy and one girl name, preparing us for our 20 week appointment. Apparently not. So I've given up till we find out what we are having. Then, let the name game begin!
  • So What! if our bathroom STILL ISN'T FINISHED! On Monday night, the sink leaked and last night, the toilet is leaking through to our dining room. FML, actually F James' life. Poor guy.
  • So What! if tomorrow is opening day for baseball and I could care less. I'm a pigskin kind of girl!
Head over to Shannon's page and link up, all the cool kids are doing it! (Peer pressure is a bitch, huh?)

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