Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pregnancy Update #1

Today I am 12 weeks and 6 days. And tomorrow I will be 13 weeks and almost out of the first trimester. I've already learned that even math and weekly configurations change when you are pregnant. I don't have a picture to share because I don't look pregnant. At all. And I have my already thick middle to thank for that. Us chubby ladies don't show as early as you thin bitches girls do! But once I am showing, I will include a picture. Not so much for you (you are welcome) or me, but for Baby Cox when he or she reads Momma's blog. But till then, here is a bit of information about my pregnancy so far:

Due date: October 24, 2012 but I would love to have the baby on October 30, 2012. Yes, you read that right, 6 days late is what I'm hoping for. My amazing MIL was born on October 30 and because the baby won't get the chance to know Connie, I would love for them to share birthdays.
Planned or Unplanned: Planned pregnancy but totally unprepared for how quickly we would become pregnant. We tried for 1 month. That's it. And as we all know there are only so many days in a month that you are actually able to get pregnant so I would say James and I did a damn good job!
Weight Gain: I go back to the dr. next week and will now for sure what I've gained but as of when I went to the dr. the first time, I was down 6 pounds. However, I'm a bottomless pit as of late so I'm sure I will have gain a pound or ton.
Cravings: I haven't had any cravings but I have had spaghetti for dinner 3 times in 6 days. But I love spaghetti and anything Italian so I'm not sure if it's a craving or me being a carb slut.
Names: We haven't narrowed anything down. We decided not to think too much about picking a name this early. We are going to decide once we know the sex, which should be on or around May 22! Holy smokes!
Worst thing about being pregnant: I'm breaking out. I'm 29 and shouldn't be dealing with this but thanks to my out of control and over dramatic hormones, I am.
Best thing about being pregnant: Creating a life. I'm doing this. On my own. No one else is protecting, nourishing or providing for this baby. Yes, me and the Mister spent some magical times together but for the duration of this pregnancy, it's me and this babe. It's surreal.
Last time you cried: Friday. I had had a long week and needed to have a poor Stephanie moment. Once I did, I felt fine. Every once in a while a good cry makes everything better. Pregnant or not!
Words of wisdom: I'm still in my first trimester for another week so what do I know!? But I keep telling myself that if the chicks on 16 & Pregnant can do it, I can. I have this amazing husband and father and together we are going to make parenting look like a walk in the park. I'm going to have time for crafts and baking and I may even take up knitting. WHO THE HELL AM I KIDDING? I will be lucky if I can shower every day!

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  1. Aww I broke out a lot during my pregnancy as well, definitely not one of the more fun symptoms. Once you're out of the first trimester it goes much more quickly.


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