Friday, February 24, 2017

Our Florida Vacation Bucket List

Happy Friday, friends! This afternoon we will be loading up our car and heading out of town for the week to "The Happiest Place on the Planet". I can not wait to experience so many firsts with James and Connor as we visit Florida and Disney together as a family for the first time ever. Because I want to make the most of our trip south I put together a short little vacation bucket list. Y'all I am so friggin' excited for this vacation.

I hope we do these things and so much more in the 8 days we are gone. Our resort has amazing accommodations so we don't even need to leave the property to do many of the things listed above but I know we will. Of course I'm eager to see Disney but more than anything, I really want to enjoy my first ever dole whip.

I won't be blogging next week but you can follow along with us as we travel south and enjoy some sunshine and sand via Instagram and will be using the hashtag #coxyvacay17 for each of our vacation photos. I will admit now, I will be overgramming. I plan to make a Chatbook of our trip.

Enjoy your weekend! We off to meet a Mouse or two and their friends! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday V4

It's been since November since I put together a What's Up Wednesday post. With vacation on my mind I thought this would be the perfect chance to clear my head of random thoughts and to put together a somewhat simple post. So here is volume 4 of What's Up Wednesday.

What we're eating this week...
While vacation right around the corner we are trying to use all our produce, eggs and milk so I'm unsure of how our meals will pan out but I do know that we won't be wasting these $9 grapes (get more of this grape disaster over on Instagram).

What I'm reminiscing about...
How big Connor is getting. I realize how obvious this is but he will be 4.5 in two months and I can't wrap my head around that. How did our baby get to be a big kid so big so quickly?

What I'm loving...
The amazing weather we are having in Ohio this "winter". I put winter in quotes because when it comes down to it, we've had little to no winter this year. And I have to admit, I am quiet okay with that. It gives us more time outdoors which I live for.

What we've been up to...
Spending time with friends, making plans for Spring Break and filling our days with fun. Some weeks are just so packed full but when it comes down to it, it's all worth it. I love making memories with my little guy and his friends/their Mommies. We also just said goodbye to a friend of our's moving to Africa for a internship.

What I'm dreading...
The drive to Florida. While the destination will be well worth it, the drive itself is less desirable. We will be making a stop in Atlanta so the break will make it easier but traveling with little ones can be tricky.

What I'm working on...
My time management skills. I've been setting a timer when I'm blogging and I only allow myself one hour during the day. On the weekend nights when we are hanging out watching TV, I usually work but that's after C's been in bed. Setting a timer allows me to make the most of my time on my laptop.
What I'm excited about...
I know I said I was dreading the drive but I can not wait to see Connor at Disney World. He is going to lose his mind and I am eager to document such a BIG first with him.

What I'm watching/reading...
I am totally obsessed with Brothers and Sisters. I'm on season 3 and can't stop watching. Book wise I just started reading All The Missing Girls. Last month I read so much more but since discovering Brothers and Sisters I would much rather watch it then read. That should tell you how much I am lovin' that show.

What I'm listening to...
I created a station on Spotify full of music from the artists that will be on the Hits Deep Tour we will be seeing in March. James got us tickets as a joint Valentine's gift.

What I'm wearing...
Lipsense in Bombshell and Eyesense in Mulberry. I am obsessed with all things LipSense and have Becky from bybmg to blame. My favorite lip colors are Pink Champagne and Bombsell. Check them out if you have a consultant. If not, then visit Becky's page (this isn't sponsored, I just love love love their products).

What we're doing this weekend...
Traveling to Florida. I'm eager to share our week in Florida with you all via Instagram so make sure you follow me. I'm not one for detailed vacation recaps so that's the best place to get all the deets on our trip.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Spring Break with Connor at the end of the month. We have plans 2 days(which includes a visit to the childrens museum in Indy) and the others days we are going to just do whatever. If the weather is nice we will be spending the bulk of our week outdoors.
What else is new...
I feel we are going, going, going. I've mentioned far too often this week that I can't catch up on the things around our home because there isn't enough time in the day. I think part of that is due to my scheduling so much for us this last week but it just worked out that way. However, I don't see that being any different until after we get back from vacation.

What's going with you? What's new in your world? Share with me an answer to one of the prompts above in the comments below.

Happy Hump Day, friends! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Day It Rained Hearts - Valentine Fun for Kids

This month has brought with it 2 weeks of solo parenting. What's the mean for us? More time for me to fill so that Connor and I don't grate on each other's nerves #realtalk One way I can fill the witching hours in the afternoon is with crafts and reading. Connor would love it if we read to him every hour on the hour. Because that's not likely to happen, we add some fun crafts and learning in between our book sessions. This month we focused on Valentine's Day, hearts and the color pink and red.

The inspiration for this month's book was "The Day It Rained Hearts". This was a new to us book but one that we quickly feel in love with. We happened to have tacos that even and Connor kept asking "what if it rained tacos?" I could only think that that would be one heck of a wonderful day, right? We read the book twice then decided to play with hearts for a bit. First up is a beading exercise that has become a new favorite "time killer" for us.

You will need uncooked spaghetti, Play dough or something to help your spaghetti to stand up and a dish of beads (ours are heart shaped) to thread onto the dry spaghetti. This activity allows you to work the child's fine motor skills, pattern making and counting. Connor would see how many heart shaped beads he could fit on each noodle. We talked about patterns and what comes next. It's such a simple concept that your little one doesn't feel like they are learning.

Next we worked on more pattern skills along with letter recognition. Using this printable I marked each outlined heart with either a R, P and W (red, pink or purple and white) using the correct color marker. This got tricky because I couldn't write W in white so I used a black marker. Connor caught on quickly and was able to determine that some P's meant purple, others pink and that he needed to pay close attention to the details. We used heart-shaped buttons for this craft.

Both of these activities kept Connor's interest and hands busy for about 30 minutes. That paired with a good reading session of 5 books allowed us to fill one entire witching hour with fun learning that doesn't feel like learning. This is always a plus, right? Learning through fun! Here are the other books we read this month that either focused on Valentine's Day or hearts:

We had a blast celebrating Valentine's this month. We didn't do anything over the top but having holiday themed books and crafts always make simply holidays like Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day more kid-friendly. 
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