Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Counting Practice & Cupcake Recipe | Apple Inspired

When Jess and I were planning our Fall kids club books I knew we needed to include at least one apple themed book. Apple season may be coming to an end but we've put together a simple craft and recipe to carry all things apple through till it's all things pumpkin.

This month's book was picked with Jess's little girl Emmy in mind. I wanted a book that would be a hit with little girls as we often focus on books for our big boys. Annie The Apple Pie Fairy is the cutest book. Annie the Apple Pie Fairy is a TV chef who makes simple, homey pies. One day, her position as the queen of pies is threatened by Sondra the Strudel fairy’s new show. An intense competition starts between Annie and Sondra and sees their fairy audience become obsessed with Sondra’s fancy pies and the gadgets used to make them. But when the mass of new gadgets and pie-making machines causes a huge power outage, what will happen to all the pies and will Annie be able to save the day?

Prep for this craft is simple. I wrote 1-10 on wooden tongue depressors AKA our tree trunks. I then cut out (some very funky looking) trees and added apples. Each tree had 1-10 apples that would then be matched to it's trunk. When CJ got home from school, he opted to have lunch first then work on his trees. He thought it was so fun to use glue instead of a glue stick. #itsthelittlething

When he got to number 5 he was really eager to remind me that he is almost 5 and showed me how big that is with his "entire hand and all my fingers". 40 something days till his big day, which will most likely include him asking how much longer until he is 6.

While Connor had quiet time, I backed a simple muffin recipe. Martha White's Apple Cider Upside-Down Cupcakes are quick and easy to make, not to mention you more than likely have all the ingredient on hand. I followed the recipe with the exception of putting diced apples in the mix. They make the perfect sweet treat without being too overly sugary.

Next month, we will be celebrating all things pumpkin with

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Monday, September 18, 2017

$10 at Target - Bathroom Organization

One area of our home that has little to no storage space is our bathroom. Basically we have 2 areas for storage. We use the famous Ikea Raskog utility cart (in teal) for towels, wash clothes and miscellaneous items and then use the space under the sink for my make-up, extra bath and body products and a few other things. Because I often grab the same items over and over again when getting ready, I decided to use this month's $10 at Target to organize my most often grabbed items. Here's what I came up with!

With a budget of $10, I grabbed a small leather bag from the Dollar Spot for $3 and then picked up one Room Essentials Drawer Organizer for $5.99. With tax and my 5% Red Card discount, I was way under budget this month. I love how I put these two items to use. 

Using a few of the white plastic storage cups I shared with you all HERE, I gathered up my items and organized them accordingly. The pink pouch is perfect for storing all my other items in an taking on the go with me. Add in my LipSense color and gloss, a few brushes and mascara and I'm set. 

I can now just pull out the entire drawer, get ready for the day and then replace it under the bathroom sink. I know one husband that's going to be really happy to see less of my junk laying around the bathroom. Out of sight, out of mind! 

Now it's your turn! Share with us what you scored this month for $10 at Target.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Faves: Decor, Homework and Soup Season

It's official... Friday is my new favorite day of the week. Not because the weekend is right around the corner and we have two entire days we can fill with whatever we want but because I get to sleep in past 6AM. Five day a week Pre-K is no joke! This was our first week of 5 days and my gosh, we are one tired crew. Hopefully we get plenty of rest this weekend in between a morning out with friends from MomsNext and the OSU game (Lord help them, they need a win). Here are this week's highlights, random thoughts and a question I need your help with!


Our home is 100% Fall ready. I have a mix of Halloween and Thanksgiving up. I know that sounds silly but it works. I get to decorate once (Labor Day evening no less) and enjoy my decorations till Black Friday, in which my Christmas decor goes up. Odds are, I'll have every inch of our home decked for Christmas by 6PM on Friday, November 24th. That's just how I roll. I may pick up a few new pieces this Fall, maybe new Thanksgiving decorations as I don't have many of those.


CJ brought up is first homework assignment this week. He had to practice his 2's. I allowed him to have lunch and play for a bit but then made him sit at the table and do his worksheet. He wasn't digging it at first but once he was reminded that he gets to pick a prize from the prize box once he turns it in, he was all about it. #motivatedbygifts Since he is just in Pre-K he doesn't really have homework, just activities to help reinforce what they are working on in class but I made a point to call it homework and required him to have it finished and turned in the next day.


Our weather this past weekend was perfection. We decided to check out a local sunflower field and visit a local dairy farm. At the farm, we took a wagon ride, conquered a corn maze, played in a kid-friendly playground and topped it off with dinner out. I've said it time and time again that this season as parents has been fantastic. We go, we explore, we laugh, we make far too much noise, we eat too many sweets and we make the best dang memories. This weekend we plan to do much of the same.


Remember when we went to Florida in February and it took 24+ hours to get to our final destination? In between the rainstorms and pit stops, poor Connor J got sick in Atlanta. We don't know if it was from being in the car for so long, watching too much iPad, eating one too many handfuls of Lucky Charms or what but he straight barfed in the lobby of our hotel at about 3AM. It was a mess. But James is very much the same way (minus the throwing up). They both have sensitive stomachs when traveling by car. When MomsMeet offered us a chance to try Sea-Band* I was more than eager.

Sea-Band is a knitted elasticated wrist band, which operates by applying pressure on the Nei Kuan acupressure point on each wrist by means of a plastic stud. The bands can be worn on each wrist whenever you feel nauseous. The trick is acupressure. Pressing on the right spot in your body can do a world of good and there is a pressure point just above your wrist that helps to control nausea. The stretchable fabric Sea Bands simply press on that specific point on both wrists to be effective. 

Not only is there wrist bands, there are ginger lozenges that James can use when traveling. Natural ginger has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine to counteract the pain associated with stomach upsets. By stimulating the production of digestive juices, it acts quickly to neutralize stomach acids and soothe tender tummies.

We have another long trip planned and I'm happy to have this product on hand for both James and Connor. I love the bracelets come in a small plastic container, perfect for my my purse, your pocket or little one's bag. Sea-Band is available to purchase at CVS pharmacy, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and many other drug stores and pharmacies. To find Sea-Band in your area, visit: Where to Buy in the USA for the full list of locations.


I recently discovered this recipe on Skinnytaste's website and can't sing it's praises enough; it's so tasty. I love that she has recipes that are WeightWatchers friendly and provides the SmartPoint values. This turkey taco chili is so good, you don't even know it's "healthy". James approved and it's low on points, just 5SP for almost a cup and a half. It's filling, perfect for Fall and pairs well with grilled cheese which is hands down my favorite soup side. Here is my question for you: what are some of your favorite soups for Fall and Winter? I'm looking for ones that are broth based, no creams because those tend to be high in points, and maybe even full of veggies. You can share them in the comments below or shot me an email: sacox65@gmail.com.

This weekend is full of plans per the usual. But really, it's been such a fun couple of months and I love knowing that week after week our family of 3 is making new fresh memories. Connor is so much fun lately, James and I are often amazed by his big personality.

Happy weekend, friends! 
*Disclosure: our family may have received products and services for free in return for our full, honest review. WMMblog only promotes companies we know and love. As always, contact us with any questions on products and services mentioned if you have questions or concerns. Thank you MomsMeet for providing the Mister and CJ natural comfort for their travel needs.